Avalon.AI Innovating Treatment in Behavioral & Mental Health

Avalon AI Behavioral Health

Avalon AI Role

AVALON.AI delivers digital analytics for best practices in assessing prevention, treatment and recovery services in responding to the opioid crisis. Using technology paired with artificial intelligence opens a new door in mental health data collection and support. Avalon.AI sources only organic data collection for truly objective answers. 

Avalon.AI delivers results for behavioral health and mental health by:

  • Assisting with adherence to practice guidelines for the use of medications in the treatment of addiction involving opioid use
  • Reducing the probability of over prescribing
  • Rendering insights to treatment dosages and best practices for inpatient, outpatient, residential or hospital.
  • Advancing the knowledge of behavioral care for optimal medication management
  • Expanded access of mental health services through technology and innovation
  • Measuring medication treatment applications
  • Monitoring detoxification courses of treatment
  • Providing evolving and learning insights as to data
  • Delivering a simplified overview via a dashboard for practitioners


Opioid Dosage Intelligence

Avalon.AI collects aggregated information on cases and opioid prescriptions from hospitals, clinics, and individual doctors. This allows behavioral and/or mental health providers to identify anomalies and suggest changes in dispensing behavior. Avalon.AI then runs analytics to compare this data to what the public health authorities know about opioid addiction. Avalon.AI collects data from law enforcement, treatment centers, and other institutions that come in contact with opioid users.

The basis of the curated data yields evidence and experience findings that exceed standards and produce customized institutional benchmarks.

The national scope of data generates much more data then any one organization could capture on their own and therefore, more concise results for clinical applications. By using this intelligent data the quality of care and best practices can increase for the best patient experience.

Creating opportunities for comprehensive treatment benefits:

Imagine… predicting when someone may need more or less of a treatment for tapering or recovery.

Imagine… possessing the information to track and research your own dispensing metrics for all of your locations.

Imagine… the opportunities generated to meet challenges of developing treatment programs with your system wide information.