Understanding and Engaging the Entire Patient Journey leads to better care.


Physicians are competitive and want to provide the best treatment for all patients. However, treatment protocols are traditionally based on antiquated clinical data. Our technology provides physicians with real-time analytical data based on treatment and prescribing patterns comparing patient outcomes. In this way, physicians can redefine their treatment standards and protocols to achieve the highest outcome.


Reduce the cost to operate and manage your practice and your ASC. In providing the highest optimum treatment for patients, physicians will be able to assign better metrics for employees and increase overall operational production through better treatment protocols.


Ranking providers in particular hospital systems and/or compared to other outside hospital systems offers physicians a scorecard of their performance compared to their peers. This is based on prescribing patterns for targeted procedures resulting in optimal outcomes.


AVALON.AI engages the patient at the point of care and continues the communications bond by connecting the patient to an interactive dashboard. By monitoring the patient through AI and interactive chat bots, physicians collect patient data to analyze and provide best outcomes while freeing up resources.


AVALON.AI not only aggregates data. We provide physicians with daily updates on patient outcomes and individual metrics with suggested treatment protocols comparing the physician to the healthcare universe to achieve optimal performance.