Obtaining Real-time data on end users physicians, hospitals and patients Overall utilization, regimens, tracing and monitoring of patient populations is problematical. Through AVALON.AI’s proprietary technology, we aggregate data and integrate our AI to address behavior.


The Identification of patients/participants that perfectly fit criteria to conduct clinical trials is time consuming and very expensive. AVALON.AI can identify and marry patients/participants to trials in minutes.


AVALON.AI can apply key variables to targeted patient populations resulting in a blueprint for clinical outcomes without the antiquated process of conducting clinical trials. This especially holds true in early stage testing and Phase IV trials.


Tracing a drug following the dispensary has never been accomplished. AVALON.AI does this through our seamless technology.


Allocation of marketing and business development resources for pharmaceutical and medical device companies can now be applied at a hyper local level. We can generate crucial data from individual patients, neighborhoods, towns, cities, states, regions, countries, saving companies millions in unnecessary resources.

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